Barukka Djo

Dathomiri Clanmother of the Singing Mountain Clan


Second daughter of the powerful Augwynne Djo, who was a long-time ally of the Jedi under Luke Skywalker, Barukka is also the sister of the last known Clanmother of the Nightsisters of Dathomir, Gethzerion Djo – a woman so powerful in the Dark Side that Darth Sidious – Emperor Palpatine himself, considered her a threat, and sealed the world of Dathomir off with a blockade for decades to contain her.

Barukka was seduced to the Dark Side by her elder sister, though some time later. However, she was eventually able to deny the Dark Side’s lure and escaped Gethzerion, though not her influence. Suffering dark dreams and frequent telepathic taunts from her powerful sibling, Barukka was trapped between Light and Dark for years, unable to redeem herself and return home to her Clan, but unwilling to resume the corrupt path her sister followed. Finally, the arrival of a young Luke Skywalker and his companions in 8 ABY gave her the chance to begin clawing her way out of madness. Shortly thereafter, she was finally freed of Gethzerion’s influence fully when the Nightsister Clanmother was slain by Imperial Warlord Zsinj, while attempting to escape the planetary blockade.

While Barukka was allowed to return to her clan with the death of Gethzerion, it took the former Nightsister many years to fully recover from her long ordeal. As Augwynne’s only surviving daughter, when the ancient Clanmother finally died roughly 20 years ago, Barukka took her place as Singing Mountain’s Clanmother.

Barukka’s tenure leading the Singing Mountain Clan has been marked chiefly by erosion of the clan’s leadership position amongst its peers. Though Barukka was able to regain the trust and respect of her sisters within her own clan, those of the other clans have viewed her past associations with far more suspicion, and refuse to accord her the deference they did her mother. This has been mitigated over time somewhat by Barukka’s generally conservative and traditionalist policies, but nevertheless, much of the prestige the clan had developed under Augwynne has been irrevocably lost.


Barukka Djo

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