Bail Thek

Ojoster Sector Senator


Bail Thek, a native of Taris, was the Senator for the Ojoster Sector in the Galactic Senate. He was the Chairman of the Committee for Banking and Finance, and, unusually for a man in such a position, was widely believed to be an honest man. Unfortunately, this led to problems for him: an attempt was made on the Senator’s life while he was on his way to his Coruscant residence. Following the incident, which claimed the life of his security chief and 2 guards, Senator Thek enlisted Jedi protection from the High Council.

Master Sarin Karrde and his young padawan, Oola Vao, operating out of the Coruscant Academy, were assigned to the task. However, when the Senate went into recess, Master Karrde elected to remain on the capital world to continue investigating the assassination. The task of guarding Senator Thek was transferred to the Taris Academy, based on the Senator’s homeworld. Initially, newly-minted Knights Q’aleane and Q’ayla Ren were assigned the task, and they successfully thwarted a second attempt on his life. Unfortunately, when they, too, were sent to pursue a lead in discovering the source of the attacks and the Senator’s safety was entrusted to yet another pair of Jedi, a third, far more direct attack, was successful, and Senator Bail Thek was killed in broad daylight on the streets of Taris during an exchange of blaster fire.

A special election was organized across the Ojoster Sector shortly after the Festival of Stars, and Harli Nivix, an ambitious Twi’lek with previous political experience in the Ojoster Sector Assembly, was chosen to take the late Bail Thek’s seat in the Senate. Ardus Tarkin, Senator for the Seswenna Sector, replaced Thek as Chairman of the Committee for Banking and Finance.


Bail Thek

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