Daughter of the Light Side of the Force


Ashla is the embodiment of the Light Side of the Force, often taking the form of a luminously beautiful humanoid woman with long green hair. She was worshiped as a goddess by ancient Force-sensitive cultures such as the Miraluka. Among the Dathomiri, she is counted among one of the “Great Spirits” and known as “The White Griffin.”

The Jedi and Sith tend to believe that such personifications as Ashla and Bogan are the result of a Force Sensitive with a limited understanding allowing their tendency towards anthropomorphism to influence their perceptions of the nature of the Force. As such, both Orders tend to discount stories of direct encounters with such “beings,” assuming either that they are a misinterpretation of a person’s intuitive sense of the flows of the Force, or simply a delusion to justify their own inner desires.



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