Alema Vann

Human Jedi Padawan from the Taris Academy


A gifted student of the lightsaber, Alema was the Padawan of Master Drea, based out of the Taris Academy. She took additional instruction in the lightsaber arts from the Taris Battlemaster, Van Onasi, and, when possible, from Q’ayla Ren.

It recently came to light that Alema had engaged in a covert romance with a boy called Rom, a member of a local undercity street gang that she met several months ago in connection with a mission for the Order. As a result of this revelation, Alema was given a choice by her Master and the Taris Council: set Rom aside and give her whole focus to her training as a Jedi, or leave the Order. Unable to give up the love she had found, Alema surrendered her lightsaber and left the Jedi.


Alema Vann

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