Knights of the New Republic

Session 14

Chapter 5.06: Bound Together

27:1:123 ABY

The race continues. With each passing hour, the Ren sisters and Irsin can feel the expanding influence of the Dark Side across the mysterious world of Dathomir. Yesterday, it was given voice and face in the form of Devira, Clanmother of the Windsong Clan, enraged neighbors and allies of the now-destroyed Skybowl. Was she a secret Nightsister, manipulating the understandable feelings of her clan to terrible ends? Or was she merely a victim herself, driven to fury and paranoia by the deepening darkness? In either case, more work remains to be done. Still unmet are two more key Clanmothers, those of Leaping River, bordering on the territory of progressive Bright Sun’s lands, and Great Canyon, a large and new clan in the far north.

And then…what? Enlisting these key players should create the army needed to confront the Nightsisters, but it is still unknown where to point that army. Barukka searches for clues in the fragments of forbidden lore she took from her fallen sister, hoping to find a way to track down the captured Jedi Master Darach, but it remains uncertain if she will be successful. And through it all, the Nightsisters themselves remain hidden, maneuvering in the shadows to the ruin of all….



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