Knights of the New Republic

Session 13

Chapter 5.05: The Ties That Bind

Even as the relationships between the Ren sisters and their companion Irsin have deepened in recent days, they now find themselves in a race against time: the creeping darkness that seems to well up from the very planet of Dathomir grows ever stronger, and its fell agents, the Nightsisters, have apparently somehow bound Masater Darach directly to it. The companions must gather support from the uncorrupted – but suspicious and fractious – Dathomiri Witch clans if they hope to recover him alive. At present, their only allies among the Clans are Tasandra Sihn, Clanmother of the progressive, but deeply unpopular Bright Sun Clan, and Barukka Djo, Clanmother of the powerful Singing Mountain Clan, whose history as a former Nightsister herself puts her in a precarious political position amongst her peers, but may provide valuable insight against their foes.

Meanwhile, the Jedi Master’s student, Padawan Yevra Pyne, is nearly recovered in body from the traumatic escape her master’s sacrifice enabled, yet her place in the Force is far more precarious, as her desperation at the plight of her Master and the extended influence of Dathomir after weeks spent in the strange world’s powerful Force currents combine in her unprepared mind.



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