Knights of the New Republic

Session 1 - Q'aleane Report to Tarisian Jedi Council #2

Report to the Tarisian Jedi Council (date: 32:09:122)
After Action Report

  1. Knight Q’aleane Ren (author)
  2. Knight Q’ayla Ren

Several days since the incident involving the bounty hunter Xora have passed. She has regained some consciousness. Upon regaining consciousness, I notified Bounty Hunter Roan and it was decided that despite being uncommunicative (due to bacta tank submersion) we would attempt to question her on what we could restrict to yes or no questions.

Personal Notes (not in submitted report)
Upon coming out of unconsciousness, she reacted with much fear to my presence. This is regrettable, I often forget how much pain effects people due to my high tolerance of it, I will have to make better tactical decisions around this in the future.

Initially Bounty Hunter Roan lead the questioning since he had specific questions he needed answers to. While observing the emotional state of the patient, it became clear that through some method that did not leave echos through the force, Roan was manipulating the patient’s emotions directly. The patient was exhibiting (among others) abject fear, complete confusion, and analytical calm in too short a period to be anything other than direct manipulation. Since the patient had become completely non-responsive and because continued questioning under whatever technique Roan was using seemed potentially dangerous, I took over.

Despite the natural resistance of the Falleen, I was able to convince her through the force that it would be in her best interest to answer our questions. Through this questioning we were able to determine:

  • She was hired in person
  • She did not know details of her employer
  • She was hired to obtain the data on the hidden caves from the datapad and to kill the senator
  • She was to relay the information to a hypernet address
  • Other than that she does not know how to get into contact with her employer
  • She was unaware of the other bounty hunter hired or their mission
  • She was unaware of the droid
  • Her employer was indeed the person Roan was looking for (provided holovid capture attached)

As an aside, Roan’s intent with his target seem to be likely to result in violence.

After the interrogation, I inquired after Roan’s abilities in manipulating emotions. He revealed that it is a natural trait of his species which he revealed is Zeltron (he has not yet taken off his helmet in our presence and due to our color blindness, we were unable to see anything except humanoid appearance). He also revealed he had received some force training in imperial space. (The working assumption seems to be that he is a failed imperial knight, but that is not certain.)

We agreed that for the time being that we would work with Roan to find his target. I partially suggested this because of resources and a common goal, but primarily as a way of keeping track of Roan and making sure we don’t get in each other’s way.

Showing the picture to both the senator and his aide resulted in no recognition. I verbally debriefed Master Thanis D’Vorn and inquired if he could use his law enforcement connections to research the picture.

Personal Notes (not in submitted report)
It appears that this report struck a nerve as we were called before the Council within three hours. The picture we submitted had tattoos that indicated he was a Sith Master. It is likely that this is a member of that lost Sith order Master Skywalker revealed 80 years ago. I wonder if they are finally revealing themselves.

In addition my sister noticed that Roan was using a holoprojector to hide his identity even while wearing a helmet. While suspicious, it is not enough to warrant direct intervention, but a good excuse for further study. I obtained permission to continue to work with him. We were advised to be careful both because there is darkness in his aura and because of his natural abilities.

We were re-assigned off of protection detail and sent to Wayland to evaluate and recover any critical material from the discovered complex before the sith do. I am hoping to discover more information about Roan in our trip and look forward to spending some quality time on my ship.

I am used to my sister’s naturally emotional state, but I am worried she is slightly on edge about something. Maybe it was just the frustration of protecting someone which (in her words) didn’t seem to be too invested in their own wellbeing. Maybe this mission together will allow us to reconnect and reground.



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