Knights of the New Republic

Session 1

Chapter I: The Gathering Darkness

29:09:122 ABY
Adventure opens with the Ren sisters’ formal Knighting ceremony. Gathered there are all the members of the Tarisian Council, Master Tahl, Master Kopos, Master Zatoq, and Master Ang. Master Ixlis calls the ceremony to order with these words,

We are all Jedi. The Force speaks through us. Through our actions, the Force proclaims itself and what is real. Today we are here to acknowledge what the Force has proclaimed.

Master Tahl steps forward to stand before them, and the two return their training sabers to their master: each is asked to ignite their newly constructed saber and cross blades with their master, then hand over the old blade. Master Tahl accepts them and steps back into the circle with the other masters.

At that point, they are asked to kneel. All the masters in the circle ignite their sabers at once as Master Ixlis steps forward with his and says,

By the right of the Council, by the will of the Force, I dub thee, Knight of the Alliance.

As he says this, he places his saber by their right ear and severs their padawan braid (in Q’aleane’s case, the stand-in). Each picks up the fallen braid, turns, and makes their way out of the room. As they reach the door, the circle of sabers all shut down, and the room is plunged into darkness.

Outside, there is a small reception being held in their honor. Some other knights and older padawans the twins know from their years of training are present, as are their parents. Everyone is joined after a few moments by the masters, and the pair are congratulated and toasted. This goes on for perhaps an hour before quietly breaking up. Their parents congratulate them one more time and urge the pair to visit home when they can.

Afterwards, they are summoned to the Council chambers and asked if they are prepared for their first mission as Knights. The Taris Council has recently received word from the High Council on Coruscant that Senator Bail Thek of Taris requires Jedi protection while he returns to his home system during the current Senate recess. He was recently attacked en route to his Coruscant residence in an assassination attempt. Though the attack was unsuccessful, he lost his chief of security and two guards in the incident. He immediately requested Jedi protection from the High Council, which was provided in the form of Master Sarin Karrde and his young padawan, Oola Vao. Now, with the Senate in recess and most of its members returning to their home systems, Master Karrde wishes to use the time to continue his investigation into the attack. Normally, he would send his padawan with the Senator, but she is too young to be taking solo missions just yet. So, the High Council has requested that the Taris Academy provide interim replacements while the Senator is here. Coruscant’s local authorities believe a repeat attempt is unlikely, as it has been weeks since the first attack and no sign of a follow-up. Master Karrde is less confident of the Senator’s safety. Senator Thek is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, and the Council would like the Ren twins to meet him there.



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