Knights of the New Republic

Q'ayla's Nightmare III

You are running through the darkness of a building, though exactly where is indistinct in your memory. You are aware that you are hunting a stealthy and elusive foe, an enemy who has infiltrated the area and needs to be stopped. Beside you is your ally and friend Yevra, who has been sent to aid you in stopping this threat. You feel comfortable with her at your side, encouraged in her helpful presence there. Yevra wears a face of determination, full of concentration, and her head is constantly swiveling on the opposite side of you, searching for threats. At some point she stops, stoops to inspect something on the ground.

“Footprint. He’s either getting careless or we’re very close. Can you see anything? Anything he left behind in the Force?

(I’ll take a closer look through my Miraluka sight, checking for any small signs of Force aura that might give us a clue.)

You notice a faint trail in the Force, one that even you would normally have missed. It shows that the one you hunt doubled back after leaving the footprint, perhaps to throw you off the trail?

“I can see something! It looks like he doubled back; could be trying to throw us off, could be a trap. Either way, he’s headed back the way we came. Let’s be careful.”

(I head off in the direction I believe our quarry has gone.)

Yevra seems to ponder for a moment, and then is rushing after you. You are running for maybe a dozen steps before a part of the shadowed wall to your right breaks from the rest and launches itself towards you. Darkness shrouds the wall-turned-man figure, but for two glowing red eyes and a matching red lightsaber arched over its head and a hand outstretched as if to grab you. Before you are able to react, suddenly Yevra’s weapon flashes from behind you and in a confused moment of motion you hear a gurgling cry. Before you the shadowed figure is frozen in mid-lunge, hand outstretched, Yevra’s lightsaber protruding from its back, the green glow oddly eerie in the light of the hallway. The eyes of the shadowed figure suddenly wink out as he blinks and slumps forward, falling to his knees. Yevra withdraws her weapon and keeps her back to you for a moment, seeming to catch her breath. The figure turns his face up to you, and the hood falls back, revealing Irsin, struggling to breathe. You feel frozen in place as you watch him slump and lie still, a frozen lump suddenly filling your throat. As the truth of what has just happened suddenly washes over you, Yevra slowly turns to you, eyes softly glowing to match her lightsaber, her lips slightly curving in a smile.

(I crumple to the floor, tears are already coming fast. As I claw over to Irsin’s body on my hands and knees, I find it more and more difficult to breathe and gasp repeatedly. Once I am at his side, I take his head in my hands, frantically brushing hair from his forehead as sobs wrack my body. It is unclear how long this lasts, but then I remember Yevra. I look up at her, my face twisted by despondency, sadness, and anger.)

“Y… Yevra! What have you done?! Why? WHY?!”

She only seems to grin more broadly, apparently reveling in your pain. She turns her back on you, discarding your importance, and begins to walk slowly away, laughing softly. Inside you feel sudden burning anger. You feel a shadowy voice whisper Truth in your ear, and you know what it says must be true.

“Yevra. It is her, her fault. She has ruined everything. Taken from you over and over and over. She is at fault. She has taken it all and left you with nothing. She must pay. She will pay for it all, as they all must. All of them. But she will be the first.”

(I struggle to me knees, pressing against the cold floor as my knees buckle, before finally regaining my feet. Taking my lightsabers in hand, I activate the weapons. I scream after Yevra.)

“Yevra— Stop!!”

“You’re not leaving, Yevra! Not now! Not ever!!”

(I charge off towards Yevra, bringing my weapons into a ready position to perform a fatal strike against her.)

She turns but too slowly; she seems to have considered you a beaten foe. Her glowing green eyes go wide and she tries to bring her weapon up, but not in time. Your weapons slam into her body, bisecting her at the waste, with her torso wheeling in the air as her legs fall to the opposite side. Your wrath seethes off of you as she lays there, her life seeming to seep out of her.

(I look down at Yevra. She is no longer a person. She is a thing. She is pieces of a thing now. But it’s not enough. She killed Irsin, she took him away. Death is not enough for her. Staring daggers into her, I scream at the top of my lungs and then set upon her, crashing and slashing into her torso, rending bits of her again and again, turning her into something even more unrecognizable. In a deep part of myself I know she’s dead after the second blow, but I don’t care. I can never care again. I can only bring destruction upon this place and this thing that used to be my friend. Over and over again I lash out, screaming all the while)

After a long time, breathing heavily you hear a sound behind you. As you turn you find Irsin standing up, except his limbs don’t quite work right. He looks awkward as he picks up his lightsaber again and starts towards you. Behind him you see a hooded figure, surrounded in a halo of green, with a hand outstretched. Irsin’s eyes open and now they too shine green. The hooded figure’s shoulders seem to be shaking with mirth. As Irsin comes closer to you, you hear more sounds around you and you spin to see green eyes approaching from all directions. Despite your best efforts, you eventually are overwhelmed; Irsin’s lifeless eyes stare down as you as you are buried under a wave of bodies, the only other sound in your ears an odd echoing laughter. The last thing you see before the end comes is a glimpse of the hooded figure’s face.

It is Q’aleane’s face.

Your sister’s face.



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