Knights of the New Republic

Session 2: Q'aleane Preliminary Report to Tarisian Jedi Council

Note: This is actually recorded after the private entry that will follow in a few days. (hopefully)

{Holocron: Begin Message to Tarisian Jedi Council}
{Holocron: Encrypt at highest level}
In the force, Knight Q’aleane Ren to Tarisian Jedi Council.

There is much to report and much that needs to be reported prior to our arrival and formal report to the council.

During the trip to Wayland we took the opportunity to seek understanding of our new traveling companion. The perception that he has been trained in the force is partially accurate. It turns out he had begun training with the Imperial Knights and due to the machinations of our current quarry was influenced into an act of rage that forced him from his path. I sense a great loneliness from him and much regret over the actions he was manipulated. It is my belief he has forced himself into loneliness through his profession (it is not uncommon for a bounty hunter to be aloof and separated from his fellows) in part over regret. There is still great anger towards his manipulator but I also sense great potential for change and great potential in the force if he is helped from his current despair initiated isolation. It is my intention to help him to the extent of my abilities. Some progress can be said to have already been made, but so far it is a fragile progress. More on this later in my report.

Once on Wayland and following protocol, we reported to the head woman of the tribe and she assigned us a guide. It was necessary for the safety of her people that we report to her the possibility and nature of our potential quarry so her people could be prepared.

We were led over a large area of forest to our goal, briefly encountering a battle between two of the native population. From my understanding it is regrettably common and contributing to the near extinction of both races. It was not something that anyone would benefit from to interfere or as our guide put it “there have been attempts to keep them from killing each other but the only way to do so is to physically keep them apart”. So we proceeded in stealth.

After a time through caves we came to a man made complex. After briefly exploring the grounds of this complex, we discovered the entrance to the vault. I asked our guide to remain outside the vault so he would not be exposed to whatever darkness we found within.

The entry way was a source of great difficulty. Through difficulty, however, much can be learned and much progress can be made. On entry, we were presented with a force wall (both in function and in source) and a locking mechanism that seemed to draw its power from the force.

Our companion decided to be the first to try the lock mechanism, a mechanism that turned out to itself hold much danger. His first attempt through we heard one half of what he experienced. Piecing together with the information we gleaned later, its nature can be elaborated on. At first he seemed cognizant of what he was experiencing, it became clear that the mechanism began accessing memory and eventually he ended up in a simulation, though simulation is a poor word for what was experienced. For our part we observed him engulfed in a great dark power. We still heard his voice as he progressed and at one point he screamed out in both pain and rage at which time I pulled him out.

Once he came back to himself and his surroundings, he explained that he was presented with a scenario that felt more than real… so much so that at the time no memory of not being in that experience could exist and no doubt of its realness was allowed to exist. It also seemed to magnify and intensify strong emotions. Given what he said I guided him to remember who he was and to separate himself from his emotions and maintain a peaceful core. I had hoped that he would be able to do so at least in part as it would confirm my feelings of his potential. Though I would have preferred this potential be honed in some other (any other) scenario, this was the path we were presented with. He exceeded my expectations, regrettably the mechanism sought a different outcome than peace and lack of emotion / action and expelled him.

It became clear to me then that the mechanism was a test wherein someone had to show resolve towards actions it deemed appropriate. The actions of rage, anger, power and death are what it sought. Determined to protect both him and my sister from this darkness, I proceeded myself.

The simulations power was so very strong. It took every shred of my own discipline and knowledge of self to maintain awareness and peace. To use an analogy, it felt like it must feel to pilot a starship through the needle between two close black holes without computer or drawing on the force. Any slight deviation in thought or action and you would be caught in its web and loose your connection to reality. And due to being subsumed in a dark expression of that force, you could not rely or use the guidance the force could give for fear said guidance would be tainted by the source of power you could draw upon. That I was able to do so at all was a testament to my masters and the order. That he was able to do so seems a small miracle and is a great testament to his potential.

The simulation I was presented to was one of the primal questions. What would you do in the protection of innocents. Not concerning your well being, as any Padawan of our order would be willing to sacrifice their body to protect even one innocent from harm. This is the question of how do you protect the innocent from a large number of people whose only fear is the unknown and whose only crime is ignorance. It is a problem that I would hope if it were to happen for real I would be able to deal with in peace though words and the force… but the simulation did not want words nor did it want peace. I knew the possible options it wanted and chose the one that I could remain as far detached from and accomplished it using my lightsaber instead of drawing on the force to lessen the darkness I was exposed to. Even with those precautions and my awareness it was nothing but a simulation, I am still disturbed by the memories and predict that I will be spending more time in meditation before I am rid of them and their influence.

Once accomplished, the door opened. Would that it had opened permanently but somehow the door must have sensed our numbers, as it did not open permanently until all of us had experienced the mechanism’s tests. My companion’s tests and trials are their own to reveal or not to reveal as they wish, but I perceive I will be spending much time with my sister soothing and healing her after what she experienced.

While exploring the vault and recovering from the entry mechanism, the Sith Master entered and began to attempt to make us one with the force. We were only able to survive through the will of the force, and even then barely. A more detailed account of the battle can be found later in my detailed notes, but suffice it to say, we won… which is to say we survived and the Sith decided to leave of his own accord.

Please find attached a list of items recovered from the vault (( PC NOTE: list includes everything except Sith Sword )). Q’ayla has been given possession of the prototype lightsaber for study. The remaining items have been secured in my cabin.

No doubt an item listed has caught your attention due to its resemblance to another such artifact recovered in the past. I will be cautiously attempting to validate its nature by attempting to download historical data only from it. If it is what I suspect, we will need additional assistance at the landing port in order to protect us and the artifact from outside interference and perhaps most importantly the outside from the artifact. Due to the nature of our Sith foe, I would prefer to surrender the item to the assembled council as he has shown an aptitude for invisibly and I cannot assume he has not also mastered some ability to befuddle the mind and make it seem like he is someone else.

I will also be allowing our companion to borrow the captain’s skiff to allow him to begin investigating the location of the Sith Master unencumbered by two obvious Jedi. This is also a benefit due to it keeping him out of the area (for his own protection) while the items are brought to the council.

This brings me to a topic that I am feeling drawn to in the force. I feel that great good can come from continuing the relationship with our bounty hunter ally for the time being. Perhaps in time with the right encouragement he will ask to finish his training and join the order, if not at least we can help him with his turmoil and bring him to peace with the force. Due to that I would ask that be allowed to continue the missions involving and surrounding this Sith Master which would give us an opportunity to continue to work with him.

May the force be with us.
{Holocron: Attach Full Report}
{Holocron: End Encrypt}
{Holocron: Send Message to Tarisian Jedi Council via Holonet Link}



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