Knights of the New Republic

Irsin's Nightmare III

Months have passed. Dathomir is far behind you. In an incredible stroke of luck during your celebration on Coruscant in the wake of your victory against the Nightsisters, you came upon information that put you back on the trail of your former Sith Master, Vorman Grale. The intervening months have been spent following the trail, and now, finally, you’ve cornered Grale on Kalee— the place where all of this began. In an unbelievably familiar glade, with the sun setting in the distance, the battle begins. In the early moments of the fight, Q’aleane is incapacitated when Grale breaks down her Force shield and sends her slamming against a rock formation. You and Q’ayla combine your assault against Grale in a furious lightsaber duel, and even you have to give your master credit; despite your best efforts, he is holding his own against you. Undaunted, you and Q’ayla begin to use your various abilities to their utmost to tip the odds in your favor. Over time, you begin to sense it— the fight is turning for you. It will only be a matter of minutes now. As you use your lightsaber blade to deflect yet another barrage of Force lightning, Q’ayla sneaks in a blow to Grale’s saber hilt, disabling his weapon. You reach out with the Force and, with a massive push, send the man hurtling through the air. His back snaps a young tree as he hits it sideways, and he lays in the grass struggling to stand. Q’ayla moves to within ten feet, holding her lightsabers at bay. The fight is over.

With difficulty, Grale speaks.

“Well… met… Irsin. I always knew you would one day defeat me. It… is the way of the Sith. It is… your way.”

Without turning to look at you, Q’ayla speaks.

“Come on, Irsin. You’ve waited long enough for this.”

(I take a breath slowly, taking the moment in, wanting to savor the taste of victory and the satisfaction of my vengeance fulfilled. Afterwards, I slowly walk forward, not wanting to move too quickly, approaching him where he lies. As I do so, I speak:)

“You have brought this on yourself you old fool. You taught me strength, but you never aimed me in any direction. You could have commanded my loyalty, and instead you made me an enemy. You and your insanity ends today. And I will finally be rid of your incompetence.”

(I come close enough and stand over him.)

“The Fanged God has forsaken you.”

(And I raise my saber above my head…)

Your lightsaber flares red-hot as your rage, a rage that has sustained you for years. In one, tantalizing moment, it will be over. Vengeance will be yours. One strike of the blade and it’s finally over. Your hand begins to move, but in that same moment, something is suddenly wrong. Very, very wrong. You suddenly cannot find your breath. A cold wave of fear washes over you as you realize what’s happening— the feeling of being choked through the Force is unmistakeable. Your eyes goes wide as you look down at Grale, who is looking up at you, his face a mask of concern. As your hands reach for your throat – your lightsaber tumbling impotently to the ground as it deactivates – the feeling continues to grow in its intensity. You stumble back a step, then two, before your knees finally give out and you sink to the ground. You keep staring at Grale, panic and hatred clouding your vision. Your master’s mock concern flashes with a grin, and you see his eyes, but they aren’t looking at you, they’re looking past you. It takes another moment or two before your mind catches up. By that time, you can already hear her walking passed you. As Grale struggles to his feet, another hooded figure comes to his side. Though the robe is the same style, you never realized how black it was until now. As the pair approach, the feeling at your throat intensifies. You are struggling now to simply stay conscious. When they reach you, you can see that the second figure standing just behind and to the side of Grale is— Q’ayla. She’s not wearing her visor, and her eyes are a maelstrom of burning fire. She’s no longer holding her lightsabers, but you can see that one of her hands is curved gently in the manner of using the Force.

She’s choking you.

Grale speaks.

You are the fool, Irsin. Did you really think I would not be prepared for your little assault? Did you think I would remain idle, all this time, in the absence of my apprentice? What is the rule of the Sith? A master trains an apprentice. And that is exactly what I did. You say that I did not aim you in any direction, but again you could not be more wrong. I aimed you precisely where I planned. And how easy it was to get you to fall in love with this ‘Jedi’.

(He lets out a snarky laugh filled with malice.)

“You say the Fanged God has forsaken me? Your love has forsaken you.”

(Grale reaches his hands out, and bolts of lightning arc out of them and slam into you, bowling you over, and pinning you to the ground. You can feel the pressure on your throat relent, but even that is nothing to the pain you now feel. Your body spasms again and again, and by the time Grale ceases his assault, you find that you cannot move.)

“Now, my apprentice,” (he turns to Q’ayla) “Do what must be done here. Dedicate yourself to the Sith, and we will rule the galaxy together!”

(Q’ayla walks towards you; in your state you can barely make out her expression, but it’s definitely one of disgust. Her lightsaber ignites – this time blood-red – and she kneels down beside you. She bends to your ear and whispers:)

“You. Are. Weak.”

“You failed your duty as a Sith.”

“Your master’s teachings were wasted on you.”

“But don’t worry, Irsin. At least in death you won’t be a failure. You will be replaced. And I will know true strength and power. Bogan’s promise to me will be fulfilled, my new master will see to that.”

(Then, with mock seductiveness)

“Goodbye, my love.”

(And her saber falls with a rushing crash against your body)



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